We are 3M!
We’re a class of year 3 children and our teacher is Miss Masood!

Important class information
We need to arrive at school at 8.45am and be collected at 3.00pm from the playground. Our PE day is on Tuesday and we are going swimming on Fridays this term. We need our kits in school on those days.

Our topic this term in Year 3 is ‘Can you survive in the jungle?’

We enjoyed a storytelling session by Tamba Roy. He retold stories about Anansi in the jungle.

We acted out our favourite Anansi stoires and wrote our own stories!!

We have been learning about the body and our skeleton. We timed how many things we could do in 9.58 seconds which is how fast Usain Bolt can run! We timed how many star jumps we could do, how many jumps etc.

We made our own Funnybone characters using split pins.

  • 3rd December 2015
  • 3M