Welcome to the EYFS page. Below are links for home learning while school is currently closed.

WB 20.7.20

Doubling ladybird

Height order

how many

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers The book

week 8 Happy and Sad


WB 13.7.20

WB 13.7.20 counting-to-5-2

WB 13.7.20 counting-to-10-5

WB 13.7.20 Fewer

WB 13.7.20 Maths problem

WB 13.7.20 my book about ai

WB 13.7.20 number writing practise

WB 13.7.20 numbers 1-20

WB 13.7.20 one-less-4

WB 13.7.20 week 6 What are emotions


WB 6.7.20

Week 15 colouring sheet

Week 15 Number tracks

Week 15 numbers

Week 15 oma

Week 15 sweets in the jar

Week 15 What are feelings


WB 29.6.20

Week 14 WB 29.6.20 Jar of Happiness

Week 14 WB 29.6.20 10 Frame

Week 14 WB 29.6.20 cows and sheep

Week 14 WB 29.6.20 own jar

Week 14 WB 29.6.20 Whilst making our jars of happiness we listened to


WB 22.6.20

Week 13 WB 22.6.20 astronaut

Week 13 WB 22.6.20 EYFS Learning Project

Week 13 WB 22.6.20 Odd and Bob

Week 13 WB 22.6.20 Star Biscuit Recipe

Week 13 WB 22.6.20 writing frame


WB 15.6.20

Week 12 WB 15.6.20 boy and toys

Week 12 WB 15.6.20 flags of the world

Week 12 WB 15.6.20 photos of children and toys

Week 12 WB 15.6.20 all world flags

Week 12 WB 15.6.20 Learning Project Handa Surprise


WB 8.6.20 Week 11 Learning Project EYFS

WB 18/5/20 Week 9 Learning Project EYFS

WB 11/5/20 Week 8 Learning Project EYFS

WB 4/5/20 Week 7 Learning Project EYFS

WB 27/4/20 Week 6 Learning Project EYFS

WB 20/4/20 Week 5 Learning Project EYFS

WB 13/4/20 Week 4 Learning Project EYFS

WB 6/4/20 Week 3 Learning Project EYFS

WB 30/3/20 Week 2 Learning Project EYFS

WB 23/3/20 Week 1 Learning Project EYFS

Suggested Timetable

Timetable week 1


The teachers will continue to communicate with you through ClassDojo and will set work every Monday through ClassDojo. Work will be delivered each week if you are not signed up to ClassDojo. Please encourage and support your child to complete this work. I would recommend having a timetable and structure to the day which includes some active time and some time to relax away from screens.


Whilst the school is closed, our duty and responsibility to safeguarding our children remains. Our regular check ins with families needing a bit of extra help and support will continue throughout the period of school closure, just as if the school was open. Please do not feel offended if a member of school staff calls to check in with you, and to speak to your child. If you have any safeguarding concerns whilst the school is closed, for your child or for any other child from the school, please contact:

The school office on 0115 9153272

Mrs Tarrant on 07497 341183 or

The Safeguarding team on dsl@brocklewood.nottingham.sch.uk