Meet the Governors

Meet the Governors:

The role of the school governor is demanding but very rewarding and is a good way to give back to your local community.  School governing bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, they set the school’s aims and policies.

All governors attend 2 governors meetings per term- one business meeting and one standards meeting. Please scroll down to meet the governors.

You can find the Governors Register of Interests here.

You can find the Governors Attendance here.

The Chair of Governors, Mr Peter Munro, can be contacted at the school address:

Mr. P. Munro, Brocklewood Primary School, Fircroft Avenue, Bilborough, Nottingham, NG8 3AL.

Alternatively, you can email:

  • Peter MunroPeter-Munro

    Chair and SEN Governor

    I became Chair of Governors of the new Governing Body when Brocklewood Primary School was created from the existing Infant and Junior Schools in September 2012. Before that I was a Governor at Brocklewood Junior School. Before retirement and becoming a Governor I was a teacher and headteacher in primary schools in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. My final post was as headteacher of a large infant and nursery school in Ilkeston. For me, to be a primary headteacher was the best possible job. The joys always outweighed the hassle! The Governor role is clearly different but shares the same focus.

    Retirement has given me more time to spend on activities at my local church, at the City Ground, Trent Bridge, the gym, teaching advanced driving, and enjoying our grandchildren.

    Date of Appointment: 31st September 2016
    Term of Office Ends: 31st September 2020

    Appointed by: Co-opted by Transform Trust
    Business or Pecuniary Interests: None
    Governance Roles in other Schools: Transform Trust Board Director

  • Graham ByersWP_20160621_19_19_21_Pro

    Vice Chair

    I joined the Governing Body in May 2014 after retiring from teaching.

    Before retirement I had been a Primary School teacher here in the City of Nottingham having worked at schools in Wilford, Bulwell, The Meadows and Sneinton after I moved here in the early 70’s from Manchester.

    I have taught every age range from Year 6 to Reception during my career and combined my last 12 years of teaching with the role of Local Secretary of the teaching union, the NASUWT.

    As well as being a governor at Brocklewood, I am also a Parish councillor for my local area and do volunteer work for a befriending service in the County.

    Date of Appointment: 15th June 2014
    Term of Office Ends: 15th June 2018
    Appointed by: Co-opted
    Business or Pecuniary Interests: None
    Governance Roles in other Schools: None

  • Darryl GormleyIMG_6378

    Staff Governor

    I have worked at Brocklewood for 23 years as a caretaker then Site Manager. Previously I worked for Nottingham county council as a glass cutter and glazier working on council properties.

    I have been a staff governor since 2014 and enjoy the role very much. I am very passionate about Brocklewood Primary School and hope in my role as staff governor I can help Brocklewood achieve its goals.

    Date of Appointment: 16th November 2014
    Term of Office Ends: 16th November 2018

    Appointed by: School
    Business or Pecuniary Interests: None
    Governance Roles in other Schools: None

  • Beata Kozbial-Lalewicz

    Parent Governor

    I think Brocklewood Primary School is an excellent primary school, delivering high quality learning opportunities both within, and outside, the classroom.

    I believe that the first years of a child’s education are crucial to their later academic achievements and – just as importantly – to the development of social and other life skills. Obviously, teachers and teaching assistants are at the frontline of this work, but the Governing Body works in the background, to support staff as they implement (ever changing!) government policy in circumstances where stretching resources is often a challenge. To some extent, the Governing Body also holds the school leadership team ‘to account’ as they make strategic decisions about the future direction of the school. This means it must have a good working knowledge of the school, understanding both its strengths and where there may be room for improvement.

    Date of Appointment: 25th January 2017
    Term of Office Ends: 25th January 2021
    Appointed by: School
    Business or Pecuniary Interests: None
    Governance Roles in other Schools: None

  • Len John

    Parent Governor

    I welcome the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the education of the pupils at Brocklewood Primary School. As a parent and without stating the obvious, I have a genuine interest in how the school is run and governed. I would love to be a part of the team that has the responsibility of working together with the Head and the senior leadership team in providing a good quality education for all pupils and being part of the continual drive in formulating and implementing policies and procedures that will ensure the improving educational standards of the school.

    Date of Appointment: 1st December 2013
    Term of Office Ends: 1st December 2017

    Appointed by: School
    Business or Pecuniary Interests: None
    Governance Roles in other Schools: None

  • Heather Tarrantheather_tarrant

    Head Teacher

    We have high expectations for all Brocklewood Primary pupils.  We expect them to aspire to achieve all they are capable of in life and to provide them with the opportunities, skills and belief to achive their all.  We are preparing them for their future as successful citizens.

    The school is a community school and we welcome parents and other members of the community into the school to work in partnership with our children to help them realise their potential.

    Term of Office Ends: Ongoing
    Appointed by: Board
    Business or Pecuniary Interests: None
    Governance Roles in other Schools: Parent Governor at College House Junior School, Chilwell.

  • Peter Munro
  • Graham Byers
  • Darryl Gormley
  • Beata Kozbial-Lalewicz
  • Len John
  • Heather Tarrant