PE & Sport

Brocklewood Primary School  – PE & Sport Vision

All pupils leaving our school to have the skills, movement habits and enthusiasm necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

(Youth Sport Trust, 2014)

Reception & Key stage 1 – When children begin their time at Brocklewood there’s a big focus on developing the children’s ABC’s – agility, balance and co-ordination! This will give the children a great foundation at being able to develop other areas of their PE.

Key stage 2 – As children move up the school, emphasis turns from multi skills to learning about, playing and competing in different sports. At Brocklewood we feel it is important that the children get the chance to experience many different sports, from the traditional (football, basketball & athletics) to the less traditional (volleyball, handball & ultimate frisbee).

PE Kit

For hygiene and health and safety reasons, children are expected to bring PE kit! This can be a t-shirt and jumper, shorts or loose trousers like jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers or plimsolls. To find out when your child has PE, click on your child’s class page or for the full PE timetable click here.

Brocklewood Primary school has many sports clubs and sports teams to be part of. Children that regularly come to the after school clubs, behave well in school and have the correct attitude towards winning and losing are more likely to be chosen to represent the school in a sports team.

Click here to see how Brocklewood has spent last years (2016/2017) PE and School Sport Premium.

Our intended spend for this years (2017/2018) PE and School Sport Premium can be seen by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more, have any questions or just want to talk about PE & sport then be sure to come and see Mr Pinnington.

Our latest PE and School Sports newsletter can be viewed by clicking here.

Below are some pictures from a great Autumn term of PE and sport at Brocklewood.

Win Well, Lose Well, Love Sport!