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Brocklewood Primary School  – PE & Sport Intent

A broad & balanced PE curriculum is taught and an inclusive afterschool sports programme is offered giving every child the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports, gain the skills, physical literacy habits and knowledge necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong enjoyment of being active.

 Every child – regardless of ability – will have opportunity during their time at our school to represent a team, be part of afterschool clubs and enjoy the life changing benefits that come from PE, school sport and physical activity.

Reception & Key stage 1 – When children begin their time at Brocklewood there’s a big focus on developing the children’s ABC’s – agility, balance and co-ordination. This will give the children a great foundation at being able to develop other areas of their PE.

Key stage 2 – As children move up the school, children are taught the skills and given the chance to learn about, play and compete in a number of different sports. At Brocklewood we feel it is important that the children get the chance to experience many different sports, from the traditional (football, basketball & athletics) to the less traditional (Boccia, handball & ultimate frisbee).

2020 2021

We are excited to have started this school years class/house sports competition. Each child in years 3-6 have been assigned a team colour. This half term has seen the children compete in a number of athletics challenges and have been trying to score as many points for their team as they can. Next half term children will earn points for their team involving a different sport. Team reds have taken the lead in both the year 3/4 classes and the 5/6 classes giving team red an overall advantage at this early stage.

Overall Points 3/4 Overall Points 5/6
Green 14 Green 15
Red 21 Red 17
Blue 18 Blue 12
Purple 8 Purple 12
Overall Scores
Green 29
Red 38
Blue 30
Purple 20

Click here for a full break down of how each class have scored.

PE and School Sports Newsletter – Autumn 1 2020/21

2019 2020

The summer term wasn’t how we all had hoped but there has still been lots to celebrate as you can read about in our PE and School Sport newsletters below and also see in our end of year PE and School Sport slideshow.

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PE Kit

For hygiene and health and safety reasons, children are expected to bring PE kit! This can be a t-shirt and jumper, shorts or loose trousers like jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers or plimsolls.

Brocklewood Primary school has many sports clubs and sports teams to be part of. Our vision is that all children will have a chance to represent the school in a sporting event during their time at Brocklewood with the majority of children taking part in multiple events, fixtures and competitions.

If you would like to find out more, have any questions or just want to talk about PE & sport then be sure to come and see Mr Pinnington.

Win Well, Lose Well, Love Sport!

The latest reporting of how Brocklewood have used the PE and School Sport funding can be seen here – PE and Sport Premium Report – July 2020.

For more information regarding the funding please visit our PE and Sport funding page.