We believe that the single most important outcome for any primary school is to give as many pupils as possible the knowledge and skills to flourish in the later phases of education.

(DfE, March 2014)


Brocklewood Primary School welcomed the changes in the National Curriculum in 2014 and saw it as an exciting opportunity to review our assessment and reporting systems to create a more holistic approach that makes sense to parents and pupils.  We were very clear that whatever assessment tool we used, it needed to be robust and track pupils’ progress across the school and not just at the end of a Key Stage.


The principles that underpin our assessment system are:

  • Every child can achieve: teachers at Brocklewood have the mindset, ‘What do I need to do next to enable a child in my class to achieve?’
  • The National Curriculum objectives will be used as the expectations for all children.
  • Pupils will make age appropriate progress from their different starting points – 12 months in 12 months, more for those who need to ‘close the gap’ to reach  age related expectations.
  • Teachers are experts at assessment – assessment will be effectively used to ensure the correct scaffolding is built into lessons to ensure all children achieve.


Our assessment and reporting system includes:

  • Ongoing assessment against the National Curriculum objectives by the class teacher throughout each lesson, through questioning, observation and dialogue.
  • Children knowing what they are being asked to learn and more importantly, why.
  • Success Criteria are discussed with the children during each lesson.
  • Next steps are clearly identified and acted upon by the children during or after each lesson.
  • Regular pupils’ work scrutiny.
  • Half termly progress tests are taken in English and maths from Y1 to Y6.
  • End of year Optional SATs tests for Years 3-5.

We use the following ‘bands’ to assess pupils knowledge of the curriculum, against age-related expectations, in each core subject area:

  • Emerging
  • Developing
  • Secure, reflecting that age-related objectives have been achieved


Statutory Assessments (End of Key Stage)

In addition to the above assessments, pupils also complete the following statutory assessments:

  • Reception – EYFS profile
  • Year 1 (and 2) – Phonics Check
  • Years 2 and 6 – end of Key Stage assessments