In 2017 Transform Trust launched the Transform Enrichment Diploma (TED) as part of a whole-trust commitment to providing a comprehensive enrichment Programme for all, that delivers a range of memorable activities and experiences bringing breadth to the educational experience of the children in our schools. They have created a nurturing, inclusive culture within schools to empower our children to be active partners in their learning.

The Transform Enrichment Diploma provides an age related framework for each child to access a range of activities to develop skills, talents and character using their curiosity and creativity.

The TED Initiative is underpinned by the Transform Core Values:

  • Enrich cultural capital
  • Empower children as agents of change through the Transform values
  • Engage children in citizenship
  • Develop children’s holistic identity and personal view
  • Develop leadership and independence

Here are pictures of our children completing objectives for their TED.