Brocklewood Primary and Nursery School

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Our vision for English is to provide children with opportunities to develop their passion and skillset for reading, writing and oracy.


We want our children to love writing and be exposed to the skills required to become confident, life-long writers. From EYFS to Year 6, we use a ‘teach through a text’ approach so there is consistent and cohesive pedagogy being used across the school.  We follow The Literary Curriculum from the Literary Tree as our writing scheme of work. The intent of our writing curriculum is that every child is able to write clearly and accurately, adapting their language and style in a range of contexts, for a variety of purposes and audiences. Each written piece is carefully planned, using a working backwards approach to enable children to be immersed into their text, analyse, and generate ideas, which leads to the children composing a piece of writing. They will apply knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling which are taught progressively through school. This starts in the Foundation Stage by speaking in sentences and ascribing meaning to marks to lengthy and more complex compositions in Year 6.


See below our long term plans; 

Examples of children's writing books:

All children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 are provided with many opportunities to apply their writing skills across the curriculum. Our wider curriculum lessons are developed through the use of core texts. Each half term, children use the core text to deepen their knowledge of their project and learn a wide range of vocabulary. In all projects, children produce a written response, which we publish and is celebrated in our excellent learning environment. It is our intention that pupils develop a clear understanding of the writing process in order to establish themselves as an author in their own right.

Example published writing: