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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?


The Pupil Premium is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support specific groups of children who are at risk of underachieving at school. The Government have used pupils entitled to Free School meals as an indicator for deprivation, and have deployed a fixed amount of money to schools per pupil, based on the number of pupils registered for Free School meals. At school we will use the indicator of those eligible for Free School meals as an element of our identification of target children to ‘narrow the gap’ regarding attainment.


 The Government are not dictating how schools should spend this money, but are clear that schools will need to employ the strategies that they know will support their pupils to increase their attainment, and ‘narrow the gap’. Schools will be accountable for narrowing the gap, and there is a planned reform to the school performance tables to include new measures that show the attainment to pupils who receive the pupil premium compare with their peers. 


Pupil Premium at Brocklewood?


 As of 21.06.2022


We have high expectations and ambitions for all our pupils including those eligible for pupil premium funding. As such, we prioritise building on our children’s actual starting points and secure prior learning when designing our curriculum, school development plan and pupil premium strategy.


Our strategy is aligned to our school motto is “IMAGINE, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE” and runs through all that we do. The learning challenge curriculum is designed to fire our pupils’ imagination through creativity, awe and wonder. Pupils are supported to believe they can achieve their potential through the pastoral system and SMSC in school. All staff have high expectations and aspirations which enable pupils to aspire to achieve. We provide our pupils with a curriculum that is relevant to them and prepares them to be 21st Century citizens who contribute positively to local, national and global communities. The most vulnerable pupils have access to quality first teaching every day, timely interventions, which are closely evaluated for their impact and delivered effectively.



Our Pupil Premium Strategy Plan


In line with our school development plan our Pupil Premium strategy ultimate objectives are;

  • To improve outcomes in reading and writing through quality first teaching, providing high quality feedback and targeted academic support.
  • To develop strong communication and language skills by teaching evidence based Oracy strategies
  • To provide high quality targeted support and interventions ensuring children are taught the right concepts at the right time to make accelerated progress
  • To adopt wider strategies based on evidence, to improve attendance, behaviour and ensure pupils personal development


Our strategy is based on a tiered approach which is rooted in inclusion and equity. We have a whole school approach for our disadvantaged children where all staff have a strong understanding of the challenges that they face. Our PP lead carefully guides and coaches each class teacher to ensure that they address and try to overcome the challenges within their control that disadvantaged children face in learning. Our Pastoral team and SENCO work alongside all our staff to ensure that every child’s needs are met and support is given to targeted children and their families. A strong principle underpinning our strategy is that that all our staff have ambition for all and support all children to make accelerated progress from their starting point. Every child at Brocklewood is cared for and given the support to grow and flourish.




Provision is regularly reviewed and is outlined in our Pupil Premium Strategy Document. This provision is mapped by the PP lead with support from others in the school and is overseen by the Headteacher. The PP lead regularly reports to the governors on the progress made towards diminishing the difference, an outline of the provision and an evaluation of the effectiveness. The governors hold the school to account and rigorously scrutinise the impact of Pupil Premium spending.


Pupil Premium Lead



Ms Overton is our Pupil Premium Lead here at Brocklewood. 


You can contact Ms Overton by telephoning the school office on: 0115 9153272.