Brocklewood Primary and Nursery School

Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Brocklewood and Beyond

School is more than just English and Math's lessons and at Brocklewood Primary School we strongly believe that every child deserves access to a “broad and balanced curriculum” (NC 2014) and we aim to provide as many enrichment opportunities as possible to ensure every child has the best education possible.


Artist in Residence: Shamila


We have been fortunate to work with Shamila for the past few years. She has worked on projects such as a Brocklewood mural on the side of the Space for Sports and Arts and, more recently, has worked closely with our Eco Council in designing and building an Eco Garden in our disused quad.


Year 2 Camp
In June, Year 2 have the amazing opportunity to go to Sherwood Forest for a range of exciting activities such as den building and orienteering, then it’s back to school for a BBQ and a sleep over!


Year 5 Camp
In May, over 30 of our Year 5 children go on camp to Colwick Hall. Not only is this an opportunity to learn new skills in a new environment, but it proved great in building stronger relationships and deeper friendships!


Year 6 Camp
In June, Over 30 Year 6 have the chance for a 2 night stay at Walesby. This is a great chance for Year 6 to learn new skills, secure friendships and for a final ‘out of classroom’ experience before they move onto their new secondary schools in September.



Area Band

In Year 4, all our children learning to play either the guitar or the flute. Brocklewood has joined the Nottingham Music Service’s Area Band. 6 children, who are now in Year 5 and 6, join with other youngsters from other schools to learn new pieces of music that are performed in public concerts throughout the year.


School Choir


The musical talent at Brocklewood is second to none! Our choir never fail to impress us with their beautiful voices and perform at regular concerts in and around Nottingham.